What is DÜ

Du is a beauty networking technology that matches clients with compatible hair professionals. No more bad haircuts, no more botched hair color jobs. Du takes all the anxiety out of meeting your hairstylist- you’re in charge of your own beauty destiny. Tell us what your hair goals are and our match making algorithm will DU the rest!

How it works

YOU- the client-answers a series of fun questions we designed to help us get to know who you are, what you’re into, and what makes your hair your own. We’ve also gone ahead and asked a select group of talented stylists to tell us about the services they specialize in, their unique clients, and the hair types they like working with the most. And that’s it! You get to check out your matches, view their professional portfolios, read about their styling strengths, and even send your chosen stylist a selfie for pre consultation. No first time salon jitters, no problem!


Answer questions from our unique survey in order to communicate your styling strengths & professional abilities, as well as your working location, and price points. Then upload your selfie and portfolio in lookbooks and you’re good to go. Choose your subscription level (either standard, monthly or premium) to make your profiles post live to the application and start booking clients right now. Clients you match with will be able to contact you or your salon (salons can also sign up for DU) to book appointments -- simple, right? When you sign up with DU we’ll :

Market and advertise your services to our diverse clientele base helping you grow your business organically.

Premium subscribers will also be featured on our blog- e.g. interviews, videos showcasing your work, and bios.

How It Happened

Wendy Kidd is a hairdresser and former salon owner based in New York City. While writing her forthcoming book “How to Never Get a Bad Haircut Again, Ever!” it suddenly dawned on her that there was nothing like DÜ in the digital marketplace. Yet, something like this was desperately needed to save people everywhere from having haircut horror stories due to incompatible stylists who couldn’t understand their clients’ vision


If you’re a salon or a stylist interested in getting listed on DÜ, please click here to get started.